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How JetBlue Deals with Social Media Whiners.

How JetBlue Deals with Social Media Whiners.

I just loved this article by Giselle Abramovich on so much that I wanted to share it. “If you are going to do something for one person be prepared to do it for everyone, whether they have a lot of followers or not.” Welcome to the Age of The Empowered Consumer. Read it here.

Who watches the Super Bowl? Old Geezers, I guess.

After watching the Giants crush the New England fans dreams (again) on February 5, there are some thoughts that I’d like to present to you about this year’s commercials. In reality I don’t want to talk about the ideas, creativity or freshness. That’s another whole conversation (My favorite was Audi’s Vampire Party, by the way). Something … Continue reading

Idiocracy: The Reality Show.

Did you watch the Mike Judge movie? I liked the concept behind it more that the actual film. It talks about how the future will be for us. Where media and technology have contributed to the Dumbing-Down of the human race. What? Do you think this is too extreme? Take a look around and you’ll … Continue reading

Leave 09 Behind.

Leave 09 Behind. It’s time to look back and see ourselves at 11:57 PM on December 31, 2008. We were full of hopes and anxious to welcome 2009. Little did we know. Real Estate went south fast and furiously. Wall Street collapsed. Insurance companies couldn’t hold it together. Banks went bankrupt. Car companies ran out … Continue reading

La mala suerte de las Galletas Chinas.

Parte de la experiencia de ir a un restaurant Chino es abrir una galletita al final de la comida para ver qué nos depara el destino. Puede ser que los Chinos, legendariamente sabios, decidieron distraer la atención de la cuenta a pagar, añadiendo las famosas galletas. Así decimos, “Mira qué bien, las galletas de la suerte”, en … Continue reading