The latest blog entry: The Blog is Dead.

Have you heard about this before?
Well, now I know who did it.

But first, let me tell you that starting a blog is like buying a boat. The happiest two days for boat owners are when they get it, and then when they sell it. Like a boat, a blog is a big responsibility. You need to think what’s your editorial line, what type of topics you would or wouldn’t write about, how often and for how long.
When you are on Twitter, as a contrast, the process is streamlined to the point of just making sure your observations are 140-character-long, and if you are adding to the conversation or not.
Oh, and the feedback is more immediate on Twitter or Facebook. For good or for bad.

The other thing that I learned about blogs, is that they are like a plant, you need to feed and nurture them regularly so the can grow and be fruitful. So, it’s a big responsibility.

But having a blog also allows you to think your point of view a little more carefully. You can research more, offer more content and depth than the trigger-happy Twitterati.
There is also something very rewarding when you see your entry linked to other notes and articles, or when you see how many peopled read your stuff.

So this is a long way to say that I am really sorry I haven’t been a good blogger. If this space was dying, it was my fault, for not being true to the essence of writing and getting other things come first in my life. Like family and work.
Blog, please accept my apologies and I hope we can see each other more often, even go out for ice cream or something, what do you say?

My advise if you are thinking about starting a blog, first try Twitter for size. Then you could decide if you need something more long in format, or short in time-commitment.
And if you decide to go ahead and do it, make a point to have something to say regularly.

Finally, who killed the Blog?

The Butler Did It! Of course.

One thought on “The latest blog entry: The Blog is Dead.

  1. Orale! pos good luck, a ver que sale. Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. I’ll check in later on to see how things are going and to see how I can help, either butchering or nurturing your blog !

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