About the guy writing

AQ2 2016

I am a Mexican Copywriter living in Texas. I know it doesn’t sound as elegant as being an Englishman in New York but hey, it’s still pretty good.

And that’s what I got.

I’ve been in Dallas for more that 20 years, and still, no cowboy boots for me. I’ve worked in Advertising for more than half of my life, and I still love it. Every day I wake up with a lot of energy  and wanting to come to the office.
That is a blessing, in my book. Anyway, I started this blog to talk about ideas, new thinking, new ways to do things and overall how Advertising changes and evolves everyday. I hope you find it a good place to visit often, be heard or simply criticize my limited blogging skills. And if you do any of those things, then we’ll have fun.
By the way, I hope you speak Spanish, because some of the entries will be in the language of García Márquez.

So go ahead and feel free to look around, but especially to write on the walls and vandalize the place.

3 thoughts on “About the guy writing

  1. Quizá agregaría algo a esta descripción: eres un ser maravilloso, un hermano único! Admirado por mi a todo lo que da!!! Con un corazón gigante!!! Te Amo!!! (y seguro lo sabes… ya las de cocodrilo estás escurriendo junto con el negro de las pestañas!) besos!

  2. Saludos Aldo, me da gusto encontrar tu blog y leer mas de tu experiencia en el Hispanic Marketing. I’m a fan of your work. Cheers from LA. -Cristina

    • Gracias Cristina! Desafortunadamente no escribo lo suficiente aquí.
      Ese es mi porpósito para el 2013.
      Saludos y qué bueno está tu blog, felicidades.

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