Idiocracy: The Reality Show.

Did you watch the Mike Judge movie? I liked the concept behind it more that the actual film. It talks about how the future will be for us. Where media and technology have contributed to the Dumbing-Down of the human race.

What? Do you think this is too extreme? Take a look around and you’ll see schools lowering their passing grades and TV shows like “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?” Last night re-run had a college student from a school in New York competing and failing miserably to 2nd Grade English questions, and being so happy! Jeff Foxworthy was cool about it but the live audience and the millions watching (including me, of course) were asking themselves “how can he be so dumb?” By the way, he went home with $2,500 as a reward for knowing how many Zs were in the word LIZARD.
$2,500?????? Not bad for half an hour, as Foxworthy put it.
At least Who Wants to be a Millionaire had more difficult questions. I guess that’s why it’s no longer on the air.

Technology was supposed to take mundane thinking off our mind, like reminding us about dates, appointments, shopping lists and memorizing phone numbers. In theory, the less small stuff we had in our mind, the more space and time we had to think on bigger and better concepts, like how to make our world a better place, or simply how to make our own life a little better. It turns out that we are using the small portion of our brain, well, smaller.  We fill our brain with more little things to think about and are becoming a society of whiners and complainers, where the few that make things happen are the ones having success and leaving their mark.

Don’t you think that part of the success of reality TV is due to the fact that those guys there have a more messed-up life than we do, so we can feel better about ourselves? Take the Khardashians as an example. Yes, they are beautiful and rich, but they are really messed-up. Many people think “I’m glad I’m not them”. Of course I’m sure there are some people that WISHED they were, which is very scary.

It might be that it all starts with accepting mediocrity as a standard. Some of these new stars and celebrities have no real talent, but people idolize them for the mere fact that they allow TV cameras into their lives. In some cases mediocrity is the rule with kids, by giving them a shiny trophy for just participating in sports, trying to compensate the fact that they didn’t win? So this way they don’t feel bad? How about training more to become better as a team and then EARNING a trophy?

We have the control in our hands and we should use technology to think more, do more and to make others think more often. We can push ourselves to fight mediocrity around us, at work, with our family, everywhere. Don’t settle, but try to make a difference in everything you do.

In my opinion, one way to fight Idiocracy is to flex our thinking and creative muscles whenever we can. As often as we can.
After all, that’s what separates us from other animals.
And the Khardashians, right?

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