The best idea of 2019, so far: STIR/SHAKEN call authentication.


Photo Credit: Bruno Cantuária

With a definite nod to James Bond in the name, (at least in my view), the new technology to authenticate phone calls so we can avoid those robocalls from hell, sounds awesome:

STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited)/SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs), a framework of call-handling and authentication technologies that could be used by all mobile and landline telecom providers (and VoIP companies) to verify that the number you see on caller ID is the actual origin number.

No more call from your own area code that you might think it’s important or from someone you know. I don’t know about you guys, but I receive five to ten calls every week. This will definitely help us get those companies under control.

Read the entire article from Lance Ulanoff as it appeared on Medium here.
Lastly, if you’re one of those MAKING the calls, please go to hell.

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