Who watches the Super Bowl? Old Geezers, I guess.

After watching the Giants crush the New England fans dreams (again) on February 5, there are some thoughts that I’d like to present to you about this year’s commercials.
In reality I don’t want to talk about the ideas, creativity or freshness. That’s another whole conversation (My favorite was Audi’s Vampire Party, by the way). Something that was very interesting and kept coming back in conversations with agency people and even with real people: Who are they trying to get to buy their products? Even though all the demographic info shows that the NFL does unarguably well with the younger viewers, some marketers keep using old icons from the 80s and beyond to “connect” with them (and having a link to a Facebook page or to a longer online version is not enough):

  1. Elton John. Ferris Bueller. Seinfeld. Regis Philbin. Motley Crüe. Betty White. Jay Leno. Star Wars. The Polar Bears. And some others that weren’t Top of Mind at this time.
  2. The Prohibition. Really? How relevant it still is in today’s world is something that amazes me. The same goes for all the throw-back anthems, from the NFL to some “contemporary” brands.
  3. Actually, there was a little bit of a tribute to the future with the 2012 Maya Apocalypse too, just to balance things out.
  4. Puppies and babies are still ruling the world. A couple of years ago (maybe more than a couple) we said that advertising ideas should expand from the Puppies & Babies formula to something else. Less formulaic.
    But since the numbers and results are there, why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?
    The AdMeter top spots are STILL featuring those lovable creatures.

Are we saying one thing about who is the sweet spot for advertising and then doing completely the opposite?

Or is this type of advertising a reflection of our aging industry?  You can see all the spots here on YouTube and judge by yourself.

One thing is for sure: We need to renew our bag of tricks.

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