Speak less. Listen more.


It wasn’t by choice.

I had a throat procedure done earlier this week that doesn’t allow me to talk or swallow anything without remembering my Doctor’s entire direct ancestry. But the silver lining is that I feel great appreciating everything that surrounds me while I can’t say a word. Even the silence.

As I was thinking about this entry, it dawned on me that this is exactly what’s happening to all of us today. We just want to talk.
Talk about what we ate, where we went, or going to. What we think about the Republican candidates, or just talk about something we don’t really know about.

The problem is, if we are all talking, who is really listening?
It feels that everybody is trying to say something clever of different: people, brands, companies, everybody.

We all want to talk about our own book (inside joke for Gaby Puerto).

My dear friend Carla always says, “God gave us two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion” and she’s right.
Now we all are Content Generators, no question about it. But the higher rank is definitely the Content Curator. The Curator is the Captain of the Armies of Content Generation, full of Privates and Soldiers.
In the old days (like 5 years ago), a Curator was the manager or overseer of a Cultural Heritage Institution. But in these highly democratized times, a Curator is THE person, or group of persons that filter what content is important, what matters or what’s relevant among all of the yelling, posting and commenting that’s out there.
And they have a lot of following. But more importantly, everybody want’s to know what a Curator thinks it’s good.

And trust me, Content Curators are connecting brands with consumers more effectively beyond traditional advertising. They are the power behind social media influence.
Of course there are no formulas to become a great Curator, but if you insist, here’s one I found on Google searching for “Great Content Curator”.

So if you want to become a Curator, shut up and listen.

Pay attention. Have an opinion and then FILTER all that content coming from all directions.
And have it ready for your friends and followers.

I can’t assure success, but at least you and me will be doing our part to help quiet all the noise.
Hey, at least until my throat is back in business.

4 thoughts on “Speak less. Listen more.

  1. I’m a firm believer in the idea that people who listen the most say the best things; Nicholas Sparks reads several books a week.

    You bring up an interesting point, that the curator is highly valuable in our information-flooded society. Any other time, a curator could be looked upon as someone who just copy-cats. Not anymore!

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