What do you need to do to be a celebrity?

paris-hilton-001Apparently nothing.

Paris Hilton will appear on the TV show Supernatural (CW) this week, as a way to increase the ratings. What??? Her only acting experience is from that famous sex tape, where she was only OK. Obviously I’m not counting House of Wax, as she really didn’t act there. Or that Burger ad, where she was wearing a swimsuit while eating the product. Hey, there’s the connection between the Carl’s Jr. ad and the sex tape!

So my question is how on Earth she became a global mega brand? By just having her dad’s last name?

Did you hear her Fallen Idol song?

She doesn’t sing, act or dance. Yet Paris has tried them all. She even has a perfume and a clothing line named after her. OK, OK, I’ll give her that she’s pretty. But not Megan Fox-pretty. If that was the only criteria, I’d say that she’s a 6 out of 10.  But clearly there are many other people that think otherwise, since she’s being very successful as an actress to the point of guest starring in one of the most successful TV shows geared to tweens and twentysomethings. Nowadays, nothing goes to market or to air without passing for a series of focus groups with viewers/consumers.

Maybe those guys are the ones to blame (or to thank) for this inexplicable success. Like the New Coke, when asked, people said that it tasted very good. But when it came down to buying it, that was a different story. Maybe that’s why Hilton’s movies are not that successful. And about the perfume, I don’t have a clue if it’s selling or not.

paris-hiltonMaybe people want to confirm she has no talent, and that’s why they’ll watch.

So, my conclusion is that as long as people don’t have to pay for her appearances on TV, we’ll always have Paris.

Check out the five things people would like for her to do on Supernatural. Now, go look for that sex video. It’s been a while since you saw it last. No, I’m not posting a link to it. Sorry.

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