The Future of TV? I Don’t think so.

So much noise about the departure of Leno from Late Night.

A complete, all-media campaign about his departure and then his triumphant return with a brand new show. Only to discover that it’s the same show, only earlier.

So I guess the king of Late Night TV, would now be the King of Night TV? For the record I like Letterman so much better, but the point here is that Time Magazine had Leno on the cover saying why he was the future of TV.

I got the mag and went directly to that article. And the shocker was that the definition of future of TV is from the point of view of the Networks. Let me explain.

Producing a Prime Time show requires a huge budget. Shows like House, CSI, 24 and the like have to have great production values n order to compete with new hits from Cable. HBO, Showtime and now AMC are winning a lot of recognition with shows like True Blood, Entourage, Hung and Mad Men, to name a few.

Got a little sidetracked here, sorry.

The networks are looking at a show like Leno’s as a more efficient way to get ratings, without spending a lot of money.

In my humble opinion, it doesn’t feel they are taking the viewers into consideration.

So, time and time again we’ve seen the disastrous results when a company doesn’t think on the persons that will be consuming their products or services. When they make decisions only looking inwards. And I’m sure that’s what will happen to the All-New-Never-Been-Done Leno Show, Now on Prime Time!

The only reason to watch now will be to see if you catch the real last episode, very soon.

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