The ten best ads of 2016, according to Adweek.


Let the end-of-the-year lists begin. This Adweek article by Tim Nudd  is spot on.
My favorite one by far, was the Audi valet parking battle. It’s an amazing production that kept me guessing, and a superb reveal at the end. It’s the perfect balance of a simple, big idea and impeccable production that doesn’t steal the spot light, but enhances it.

The other one that caught my attention was the one for Old Spice, Rocket Car.
An unexpected ending, memorable situation and beautiful writing.
And to top it off, their new character is brave but stupid, just like me and you, according to this article, ha ha ha!


But that’s only my opinion, what do you think?

Have a Merry Christmas and please accept my best wishes for 2017!




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