REVIEW: Stallone Reassembles the Old, Old Gang for The Expendables 3

the-expendables-3-10817-p-1380101003-970-75Hey, if the Rolling Stones are still touring, why can’t Stallone, Gibson and Wesley keep fighting?
Is this the response to all those Millennial flick of late? I don’t know but I won’t miss The Expendables III. The essence of what this is all about is so magnetic.


In 1979, Sylvester Stallone made Rocky III, Mel Gibson released his first Mad Max movie and Harrison Ford was shooting The Empire Strikes Back. Thirty-five years later, the stars look great for their respective ages (68, 58 and 72) and can enliven a tight closeup with their weary urgency. Studying the topography of decay in a veteran actor’s face is one of the few worthy pursuits for moviegoers sitting through the epic-length (2 hours and 3 minutes), belligerently inconsequential The Expendables 3 — a picture whose very title proclaims its redundancy. The film, no less than the team that Stallone’s Barney Ross assembles to defeat Gibson’s supervillain Stonebanks, could be called The Unnecessaries.

You’d get an argument on that point from Lionsgate, the movie’s distributor, since the first Expendables, in 2010, earned $275 million worldwide and its 2012 sequel $305 million. (They also cost a lot…

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