What we can all learn from Candy Crush.


Hello, my name is Aldo and I am and addict.
I accept it.
And chances are, you are too. You just haven’t reached to the level (pun intended) of acceptance.
Trying to get something positive from endless hours invested in said activity, I will share with you these nuggets of wisdom I found along the way.

Stay focused.
Some levels require clearing jelly, some others reaching 80,000 points. Stay on task. Don’t get distracted with chocolates or other shiny objects. As you see, this also applies to real life. Once you know what you are supposed to do with clear direction and a plan, stick to it. Finish and then move on to the next thing. Try not to work on two projects at once, because if you are like me, you will accomplish 10% of each instead of 100% of one at a time.

Be patient.
Use your first couple of lives to explore a new level. Plan for the next three lives and execute. Don’t go all Rambo trying to clear a level the first time you get there, because you will get frustrated and blocked. Outside of the world of candy is the same thing. Maybe age and experience will help you, but sometimes nobody got time for that, right? Well, this is something you will need to practice, practice, practice to really become a Zen master.

Do not cut corners.
I made a promise to myself to never ask for a life on Facebook or to pay real money for additional help. My friends don’t have to suffer my addiction, neither my family. In September 2013, Candy Crush was making more that $600,000 a DAY. All of it coming in $ 0.99 increments!
That is some frustrated, impatient bunch of folks, I’d say.
But I digress.
Do things right, and for the right reasons. Nothing good comes from cheating or taking advantage of others. Or from paying money to get rid of that fast-moving chocolate.

Once your five lives are gone. Disconnect.
I have some friends asking for tips or advice on how to clear a level, and spending a good amount of time in the after-game experience. I agree, sometimes we all need guidance, but leave it where it belongs: In your phone. Don’t let it get out and chase you. But if you really must. Go here. Let it rest, look at it from a different angle. Get other (more useful) things in your head.

Be creative, above all things.
Sometimes I get stuck at a level for way too long, and then realize that I’ve been doing the same thing over and over. Same strategy, same moves. Same results, obviously. Go against the grain, try different things.
After all, the only thing you’re risking is a couple of lives in the name of creativity. This needs no further explanation.
Try to be Creative in everything you do. It feels great.

I shared one of my most obscure secrets. It feels great getting it out of my chest. And I hope it helps you too.
Gotta go, my new set of lives is about to be ready and I have to spin that roulette.

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