Lego is building a hotel in California.

Legoland, Windsor UKFirst, there was the LEGOLAND hotel in Windsor, U.K. But now they will have one in the U.S. I guess this is one of those building that they could bring piece by piece from Europe, just like in the old days, eh?

Wouldn’t it be great if they really used Legos to make it? Just talking about it, my imagination starts flying to far places. And that’s why I loved it.
Because it is so unique, so ON brand.

So Lego.

Just like the Red Bull Stratos Mission: No other brand could do anything like it.
And when no other brand fits in the idea, you have created some unique magic, my friend.

This is a great example on brand loyalty, brand extension, brand architecture, and overall just plain awesome.

Who needs video games when you can create your own adventure and sleep in a real Kingdom room? Not sure about you guys, but I’m booking a room as soon as they open. Er, it’s for my kids of course.

Enjoy the note:

Lego Resort opens in California.

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