Hello world.

Vodka on the Rocks.This is a blog about everything and anything related to the world of Marketing Communications.

It’s not the place to find Waldo, I admit. But instead you could find something interesting to talk about after a long day at work. Especially if you work in Advertising like me.

It’s a space to talk about what’s new, or what I think it’s new but have been around for some time. I just haven’t seen it before.

New to you and me, I hope. Oh, and if you happen to like this blog, make a comment to let me know what you think. Who knows, maybe we could meet to keep the conversation going, while we have a Ketel One with soda for example.

Some say that advertising is the perfect excuse to take a Bathroom Break.
I love that cliché.

Maybe TV Commercials were meant to be created for the proverbial bathroom break.
But today Advertising and Marketing Communications are so much about many other ideas and mediums, that there’s no way you can take a break from talking about all the incredible ways to connect brands with people, and most importantly: to Provoke Action.

By the way, If I had a break, I rather stick to that Ketel One with Soda I was telling you about instead of wasting it going to the bathroom.

One thought on “Hello world.

  1. Aldo…i enjoyed reading your new blog. I’m glad you were bored enough to start it. I think you will be able to entertain us in a new, refreshing way.
    Yes, there is more to life than advertising. But we can leave that for when we need to pay the bills!
    Un abrazo,
    Dee Anne

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